Benefits of Ration Card

What are the Benefits of Ration Card?

For the individuals who have not seen their ration card for a considerable length of time and are not made a fuss over it either, this ought to be a notice. Knowing the Benefits of Ration Card is important.

The Election Commission and the state nourishment and supply division have made a late stunning disclosure. It has been found that in the majority of the cases, the cards are being abused. What’s more, that is on account of they have either been stolen or being utilized by another person.

“Ration cards have gotten to be superfluous. Also, that is the reason we don’t try to keep them in safe care. A large number of us have impartial them over to our cleaning specialists or drivers,” said a senior cop at Lalbazar.

The nourishment supply division is as of now setting up a rundown of ration cards which are being abused. The rundown will be given over to the police soon.

“The ration card is still an archive of one’s character. In the event that you are not utilizing it, you can’t let another person use it,” said Kalimuddin Shams, state pastor for sustenance.

By, grievances are sifting in for the most part from a portion of the rich zones of South Kolkata and Salt Lake. Accordingly, the nourishment office is thinking about pulling back the cards from those individuals who don’t fall under “poor people” classification.

“Under the guidelines you should record a protestation with the police if your card is lost. What number of do that? You won’t know its significance since you needn’t bother with it regular,” Shams included.

Shaken by various objections and tricks, the state government has as of now suggested that the nourishment rationing framework be pulled back from a few ranges.

“Each metro is getting rid of ration cards. Kolkata will be the last to pull back it in the event that it happens by any means,” said a senior nourishment division official.

“Individuals have ration cards by paying off individuals. Indeed, even sometimes, the cards were observed to be fake. So we chose that a ration card will never again be a proof of your citizenship,” said R.P. Duari, delegate CEO, office of the boss constituent officer.

What are the Benefits of Ration Card?Ration Card gives the essential character :

  • Of your nationality.
  • Of your age.
  • Of your name.

It is a piece of Public Distribution System. Legislature of India ordinarily gives three sorts of Ration Cards, in particular:

  • Antyodaya: For the poorest individuals
  • BPL: People beneath destitution level
  • APL: For the general population of above neediness level

On the off chance that a man is another Ration Card holder and believing that how to utilize Ration Card, then you can take help of taking after data:

  • You can utilize it to purchase the Govt. sponsored nourishment grains, garments, sugar at least costs from particular rationing outlets.
  • Some states now give photograph attached Ration Card so it can be dealt with as your ID verification to open your ledger or whatever other reason.
  • It is required to get any testament from Govt. bodies like conception declaration, demise authentication and so forth.
  • Any other ID endorsement is issued in view of this authentication.
  • It is the main card which is utilized for comparative circulation of sustenance grains and different necessities among the subject of a country in the season of shortage, war and so on.

Likewise a man needs to recall that on the off chance that he/she has every one of the authentications and reports which are required and he or she has no compelling reason to purchase Govt. financed wares then he or she ought not stress over how to utilize Ration Card. It ought to be put away in a protected spot. It can go about as a personality card a man loses his/her PAN card, Pass Port, Driving License.

Aadhar Card – Voter ID Card – EPFO – Passport – PAN Card

Ration Card Status

What is the Best Option to Make status check of the Ration Cards

Is it accurate to say that you are in the necessity of making the ration card? Is it true that you are confronting intricacy in the following of these cards?

In this way, it is an ideal opportunity to look in for the status of Ration Card or keep a Tack on where is there card.

By the year 2015, the legislature has presented different sorts of Ration card i.e., Pink and White Ration Card.

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Purpose of Note:

People applying for Ration card need to remember and have an understanding that there is no only a novel application structure for Ration Card application. Every state has a different Ration card structure.

However, it is also important to make the status check of the ration card. For that you can take help of the

All most information given in the web – connects likewise help in finding the definite websites and right to proceed. Only for our comprehension, there are around 28+ nourishment suppliers to track on the application.

Procedure of Tracking Ration Card :

Following status of Ration Card is done through specific websites of every state.

Let us investigate the websites of every state;

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For Example :

In the event that if there should be an occurrence of Andhra Pradesh : Click on to the web – Link of Ration card

In the event that if there should be an occurrence of Chhattisgarh : Web – Link of branch of Ration card in Chhattisgarh. Also you need to check the

Presently, we should investigate the States promotion capitals where we can get the data of Websites of the considerable number of states in India.

Name of State   Card Status       Website


Andhra Pradesh (AP)     Ration Card Status Online Andhra Pradesh


Arunachal Pradesh (AR) Ration Card Status Online Arunachal Pradesh


Assam (AS)      Ration Card Status Online Assam 


Chhattisgharh (CT)         Ration Card Status Online  


Goa (GA)          Ration Card Status Online Goa


We might investigate different states like the above ones, that is given included data and gives you a thought of the website.


State Name       Status substance of Ration card            Capital City       Web – Link


Gujarat (GJ)      Status Track information            Ahmadabad – Gujarat


Bihar (BR)         Details of Application structure in Bihar  Patna – Bihar Card.aspx


Haryana (HR)     Status of ration Card Online Haryana      Chandigarh – Haryana


Himachal Pradesh (HP)  Status of ration Card online in Himachal Pradesh            Shimla – HP  


Jammu and Kashmir (JK)           Status of Ration Card online in JK          Srinagar – Jammu (JK)


Alongside the above data gave couple of more states where the data can be followed ahead.


State Name       Status Content  State Capital     Website


Jharkhand (JH)  Status of Ration Card online      Ranchi – Jharkhand (JH)  


Karnataka (KA)              Banglore – KA


Kerala (KL)                    Thiruvananthapuram – Kerala


Madhya Pradesh (MP)               Bhopal – (MP)


Maharasthra                  Mumbai – Maharashtra (MH)


Manipur (MN)                Manipal – Manipur (MN)


Meghalaya (ML)             Shilong – Meghalaya


Mozoram (MZ)               Aizwal – Mizora (MZ)


Nagaland (NL)               Kohima – Nagaland (NL)


Odisha (OR)                  Bhubaneswar – Odisha (OR)


Punjab (PB)                  Chandigarh – Punjab (PB)


Rajasthan (RJ)               Jaipur – Rajasthan


Sikkim (SK)                   Gangtok – Sikkim


Tamil Nadu (TN)             Chennai – Tamil Nadu


Telangana (TG)              Hyderabad – Telangana


Uttarakhanda (UT)                      Dehradun – UT


West Bengal (WB)                     Kolkata – West Bengal (WB)


Delhi (DL)                     Delhi (DL)


Pondicherry (PY)                       Pondicherry (PY) 


Andaman – Nicobar                   Andaman Nicobar


Chandigarh (CH)                        Chandigarh (CH)  


Once the individual logs into the specific website of the condition of registration, all the required points of interest must be filled into get the careful data on ‘Ration card Application Status’. The process to status check can come to much use in this matter.


Purpose of Note:


Affirmation number is the most vital thing keeping in mind the end goal to track the Status of Ration card


In this way, it’s an ideal opportunity to get the Status of Ratio Card… ..!!!

Guidelines for Downloading Ration Card

Having a clear Note on How to download your ration card

The Ration Card is a card of Identity that is issued with the endorsement of Food and Supply division alongside the Government of India. It is additionally made obligatory by the Election Commission of all States of India, for every one of the subjects and families of India to apply for this card has extraordinary quality.

Once all the data is genuine and exact, then application is accepted and Ration Card Issuance is made. In this matter knowing how to download your ration card is important.

Purpose of Note :

The Application of Ration Card shifts from State to state furthermore contrasts from States and capitals like Assam (AS), Goa (GA), Andhra Pradesh (AP) some more.

We should investigate the table of reference for more data regarding how to download your ration card;


Capital – Ahmadabad            Application type of Ration card structure 2015    GJ


Capital – Chandigarh            Application type of Ration card 2015         HR

Jammu and kashmir

Capital – Srinagar      Application type of Ration card structure 2015    JK

Himachal Pradesh

Capital – Shimla         Ration card structure 2015 HP


Capital – Mumbai      Application type of Ration card structure 2015    MH

Procedure of Applying for Ration Card Online : For more you can check this reference:

An important record required by each national of India and applying for this card is not a hard undertaking. For this, the candidate needs to approach the closest Local District Food and Supply Department or some other Concerned issuing Authorities with a specific end goal to apply for Ration card.

Application Form is to be that is taken (Form D – 1 of specific State), and totally should be filled in. The topped off structure is then to be submitted at Food Supply Department.

  • 2 – 3 Passport measured photographs of all relatives, bore witness to ones must be connected to the structure which is filled in.
  • Affidavit of declaration on not giving a Ration card else wherein India or none of the relatives name is recorded already, likewise should be submitted.


  • Permanent Address of candidate is likewise to be sworn statement, additionally specify of his her stay in that specific spot subsequent to recent years.
  • A through cross check and record verification is done on the application and after ward sent for endorsement once everything goes well.
  • Ration Is said to be gotten in 15 days after application is submitted.
  • There is Tatkaal process for applying the Ration Card.

Departmental procedure of Issuing Ration Card :

Every one of the particulars put together by the candidate are check by the Inspector or Sub – examiner of Food and Supply Department or some other concerned division, when once the Ration Card Application Form is appended with the vital reports + Photographs.

Physical assessment might likewise happen by the Inspector or the Sub – reviewer on the location specified. According to the principle required examination should likewise be possible by the officers.

Cross check furthermore done by drawing closer the Census records/Voters List while making applying for Ration card.

When things fall set up the Ration card is affirmed and sent for dispatch.

Make a point to apply for a Ration card instantly a profit every one of the advantages.

Process for Applying Ration Card

A Nutshell of the Process of ration card apply

Have you got the ration card for you?

If the Answer is yes, then it is okay for you to benefit the offices offered by the administration on the sponsored products.

On the off chance that the Answer is no, then it is an ideal opportunity to apply for it.

Today we might get into the point by point study on the procedure of applying for Ration card through Online.

You can be properly helped with the aid of the proper guidance that is given below. You can make the application accordingly and make the ration card reach your home in no time. For the process of ration card apply to the following steps:

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Reason to have a Ration Card :

A hefty portion of us must not have seen Ration Card since ages furthermore should not have tried to apply for a Ration card in this way.

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Qualification criteria for the applying Ration card :

The application of Ration Card can be made by the people who pay an Income Tax add up to the administration which is under 25 K for each Annum.

Procedure of Applying for Ration Card Online :

By Government policy, in view of the Rule and Regulations of 2015 it is made obligatory to have a Ration Card in each house.

Step included in applying for a Ration Card;

Activity 1 –

Among the first process of ration card apply on the below options. The Income Tax Statement is one of the essential archive that is to be conveyed at the season of Application for proportion Card. As said, taking into account 2015 overhauled data of Indian Government Ration card application is truly vital.

Activity 2 –

As an initial step the application of Ration card is to be downloaded (Form D – 1 of specific condition of Residence). For this the Ration card Registration is an essential step.

Activity 3 –

Application frame should be downloaded from the connection gave beneath;

Web – join :


Activity 4 –

Once the download of Application is made, all the essential data must be filled in legitimately.

Activity 5 –

Time to connect the confirmation of Documents alongside the application;

  • Head of the Families (HOF) Photograph – One Passport Sized Photo
  • Individual Identity evidence of all the Family individuals.
  • An Affidavit to demonstrate that the names of individuals in the families are not already any place in the apportion Card in India.
  • In case the candidate holds a Ration Card beforehand, or Cancellation/Surrendered endorsement must be created.

Activity 6 –

At this stage, the filled in application + Above specified verification of Documents all joined together should be turned in the closest Ration card Office in the town.

Activity 7 –

The check of the considerable number of documents are done at this stage, furthermore the proportion card officer achieves the candidates house for further confirmation. The checking included Income Tax papers, to know whether on the off chance that the house is leased or own, knowing the occupation profile and so on.,

Activity 8 –

The data gathered is cross checked, and is then take up to next level of further assessment. As all the data is cross checked legiis cross checked properly cutinisation is done.

All these steps are very specific and the users can have a proper idea of how they can acquire the ration card.


Applying and receiving duplicate ration card

Applying and receiving duplicate ration card

Almost every person of India has ration card as many advantages can be availed from it. People who are ignorant about the importance and the use of ration cards actually deprive themselves from the opportunities and advantages that the Government of India offers to the people. Many a times, the ration card of people get damaged, misplaced, lost or stolen. But there is absolutely no need to worry for it as one can get a duplicate ration card. With the help of the online facilities, life of the people has become a lot easier. It helps people to keep themselves updated with all the current information that has been released by the Government of India. Today, all the work is done by sitting at a place with internet and a device that connects to the internet. The Government of India has also facilitated the option of downloading and the submission of the application forms through the online mode.

How to apply for getting a duplicate ration card

Every Indian citizen belonging to the section of BPL and APL should have ration cards so that they can get the groceries for their households at a subsidized rate which is offered by the Government of India for the people of those sections. One can apply for a duplicate ration card if the original one goes missing for some reason or mishap. The Government of India along with the Food Suppliers has provided the people of India with the steps for applying and getting a duplicate ration card. It should be noted that every state of India has their own websites through which one can apply for the same. The documents that are needed for applying for a duplicate ration card-

  • Details of the particular family member
  • 2 passport size photo
  • An FIR for the lost ration card
  • Penalty fee of Rs.5/- for 2 copies of Chalan

The form which is used to apply for the duplicate ration card through the online process is the D-1 Form. One can get this form by checking the website for his state. If the link does not work properly, then one should visit the nearest Seva Kendra for the Ration Card. He can collect the D-1 form from that particular center. One has to fill in all the details needed in the application form and will have to attach the documents that are mentioned above and will have to submit to the Ration Card Fair Price Shop. After the submission that verification procedure is carried on which are linked to all the points before the ration card got misplaced. After all the verification has been completed, a receipt gets generated which mentions the actual date of submission of the D-1 form. The new ration card or the duplicate copy of the ration card gets delivered to the address specified on the application form within 2-3 weeks from the date of submission.

One should make sure that he applies for the duplicate ration card without wasting any time in case his original ration card gets misplaced. With the use of internet the work regarding these has become a lot easier and one should avail all the advantages that the Government of India offers to its people. All the issues of ration card are solved in a few days.

Process to add new family members in ration card

Process to add new family members in ration card

With the development in the field of online technology, the Government of India has come up with the facility of getting the ration cards online from the department of the Food and Supplies. One should note that for all the 29 states of India there are individual links for the Food and Supplies department and every website has the all the information regarding the ration card along with the application form. Many people want to add the name of the family members in their ration cards. The ration cards play a major role for the people categorized as BPL and APL (below poverty line and above poverty line respectively). With the help of the ration card the people are helped by the government to get the groceries for subsidized rates. There are many people in India who are ignorant about the importance of the ration card and the advantages it provide and hence, fail to have them.

Cases where new family members can be added to the ration card

  • For a newly married couple in a household who wishes to add his/her name
  • A son’s or a daughter’s name needs to be added

For addition of son’s or daughter’s name in the ration card

According to the government rules, the primary requirement is the certificate which proves the date of birth of the son/daughter. The inclusion form of the ration card is to be filled up. This form is available with all the Food suppliers and the e-seva centers. One can also check the process online by clicking on to the link for a particular state which displays the option of ‘Ration Card inclusion Form’. One has to click on this option. One will have to download the application form for the online mode and is to be filled up in both the online and the offline mode. Along with the filled up form, one also has to attach the certificate for the DOB of the person whose name is to be added. After this the verification of the form along with the other documents are completed by the officials. The ration card is then delivered to the specified address on the ration card within 2-3 weeks.

For addition of husband’s or wife’s name in the ration card

According to the government rules, for adding the husband/wife name to the ration card the marriage registration certificate is to be produced. If the name of the individual already exists in the list of the ration card, it should be deleted so that the name can be entered in the new list of the particular area where he resides. The name in the inclusion form is to be filled up along with all the other necessary details of the one whose name is to be added. Along with the application form, the individual has to attach the marriage registration certificate, form for the deletion of the previous name and the identity proof of the individual whose name will be added. All these form and documents are to be submitted to the nearest office of ration cards or the e-seva centers for their verification. The new ration card reaches the address mentioned on the form within 2-3 weeks. Today, both the addition and deletion of the name of a family member in the ration card has become a simple process.


Correcting the ration cards online

Correcting the ration cards online

The ration card is an extremely important document for the people of India who are the Indian citizens. Many a times there arises certain mistakes in the information printed on the ration cards and one needs to change them in order to get the appropriate information on his card. There are certain methods involved in the editing of the ration cards for making the necessary changes for correcting the information printed on the ration card. Today, all the personal details that are printed on the ration card like the Name, Date of Birth, Address and so on can be edited to fill in the correct information. For doing the same, the ones who have invalid information printed on their ration cards, need to fill up a form which is also known as the Ration Card Correction Form.

The online process makes it easier

With the advancement in the technological field, life of all the citizens of India has become easier as the Government of India has facilitated the people with the online application forms for correcting the wrong information on the voter cards. This application can now be downloaded from the internet using the laptops, mobiles and other computer systems just by sitting at home. Today, the Government of India has provided the food supplies along with the ration card to the 29 states of India and all the necessary information regarding the same has been provided in the websites of the Indian Government. The website has all the necessary information which the Indians can access any time they want to. The false information given on the ration card is leading to the release of the duplicate ration cards with names in them. For stopping such malpractices, the Government of India has levied certain rules strictly which should be noted to avoid such illegal work.

Guidelines for the correction form of the ration card

The areas in the ration card where editing is possible are the places like mistakes in name, surname, address, if one of the family member’s name goes missing. One can place the misprinting along with the wrong details in the ration card in the correction form or application.

Documents required for applying for the correction of the ration card

  • Income Tax Certificate
  • Identity Proof
  • Previous Ration Card

Procedure for applying the Ration Card Correction form online

For doing the same, one must download the correction form for the ration card. The Government of India has provided different links for downloading the correction form for the ration card for the different states of India. After the form has been downloaded, all the necessary details are to be filled in. Now the needed documents are to be attached with the filled up correction form. Now the forms along with the documents are to be submitted to the nearest office of Ration Card. Once all the documents along with the application have been submitted properly, it takes almost about 2-3 working days for the dispatch of the ration card from the day of submission. The ration cards are delivered to the exact address provided in the forms.

With all these advantages, the people who have some printing mistakes in their ration card should immediately change them by downloading and filling up the correction form for the ration cards.